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*The Back Length measurement of the Barristers robe is take from the nape (centre back of the neck) to the calf, approximately 12" from the ground.


(Robe only, does not include waistcoat/shirt/tabs) 


The Barrister's Robe is a Made-to-Order garment. 
The Barristers robe made of wool with pleated 3/4 length sleeves and traditionally shirred yoke and shoulders.
The design and styling of these items has changed remarkably over many centuries, however court attire that is currently worn originated in the late 17th century. Barristers must be attired properly in order to be heard by the Judiciary in the court room.


Made in Canada 

Production times may vary. We are unable to guarantee exact delivery times, but you can anticipate 6-8 weeks. 

Barristers Robe | Wool | Gender Neutral | CA

795,00C$ Prix original
715,00C$Prix promotionnel
    • Wool - Tropical Weight
    • Made in Canada

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